Meet Our Graduates

Meet our Graduates

“Mercer’s global reach isn’t just about geography. For me, it’s about having access to the insight of colleagues based around the world – professionals who are well-regarded in their fields.

Colleagues are open to sharing and discussing ideas, and welcome new and improved ways of doing things. As long as you are keen and proactive, you can engage in a range of interesting projects and learning opportunities. Responsibility comes early, and you’ll find that people welcome and value your suggestions whatever your level.

The technical skills training is good, but you learn just as much from working closely with more experienced colleagues. You need the confidence to ask questions, of course, and it's up to you to put yourself forward if you want to take on a particular challenge. But people here do focus on your growth and will support your next phase. If you have an enthusiasm for learning and want to be an active participant in shaping your development, Mercer is a good place to start.”