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Graduate FAQs

If you have a query that cannot be answered through the information on the website, please contact us

  • What career opportunities do you currently have available?
    Please visit our Graduate jobs and internships and to see all of our available positions.
  • Does Mercer offer internships?
    Mercer offers an 8 week summer intern program. To learn more about and apply for an internship, please visit our Internships page.
  • When can I expect to hear back about my application?
    You should receive an email confirmation that we have received your application. From there, your application will be reviewed and we’ll contact you by telephone or email. We aim to respond to all applications within three weeks. However, please be aware that on occasions the high volume of applications for some roles may result in this time being delayed. But don’t worry – we will get back to you as soon as we can.
  • How can I find out about the status of my application?
    If you have received email notification that your application was received, you can be assured that we will evaluate your qualifications and get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively if you have any issues you can contact our graduate hotline on 020 7178 5092 or email
  • What is a semi-numerical subject?
    For all our roles there is a requirement of ‘a minimum 2:1 honours degree expected or obtained in a numerical or semi-numerical degree subject’. In order to clarify what we mean by this we have put together a list of examples of subjects which are numerical or semi-numerical.
    The list is not exhaustive and it should be noted that a recruiter looks at each application, so if you believe you meet the requirements please give details as to why you believe this when filling out your academic achievements. For example this could be done by discussing particular modules you studied as part of your degree related to maths or other relevant qualifications which you have completed.
    Numerical/semi numerical, Actuarial Sciences, Mathematics, Biosciences, Business & Management studies, Chemical engineering, Chemistry, Computer science, Economics, Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Medicine, Psychology, Social sciences & Policy
  • How do I apply for a position at Mercer?
    Once you have found a position that suits your interests, click on the ‘apply now’ button and complete the online application.
  • Which locations recruit graduates/interns?
    We recruit interns and graduates into the following locations:
    Belfast – Retirement
    Bristol – Investments & Retirement
    Birmingham – Investments & Retirement
    Edinburgh – Investments & Retirement
    Glasgow – Retirement
    Leeds – Investments & Retirement
    Liverpool – Investments & Retirement
    London – Talent, Investments & Retirement
    Manchester – Investments & Retirement
    Woking – Investments & RetirementSee our current vacancies list for full details
  • How many roles can I apply for?
    You can apply for one role per academic year. Please note we may consider your application for other locations or roles as appropriate.
  • Can I save my application and complete it at a later time?
    Certainly. While filling out the online application, you have the option at the bottom of each page to ‘Save & Continue’. Your completed application will not be submitted until you reach the last page. Please be aware that at the moment our system is experiencing a technical issue and some applicants are receiving notification that their application has been submitted once it has been saved. This is not the case and your application will not be reviewed until you have completed all the pre-screening questions and attached your CV.
  • Can I update my information on an application?
    Once you have submitted an application, we have access to view and evaluate your file. You can update your information after you have submitted the completed application, but we strongly recommend that you don’t submit your application until your information is accurate and completely up to date.
  • What will be covered in the phone/video interview?
    The phone/video interview will consist of questions regarding your academic results, your knowledge of Mercer, the role you’ve applied for, the industry which we operate in, the professional qualifications you may take if you join us as a graduate and a few competency-based questions.
  • How long after the phone/video interview should I hear how my application is progressing?
    We aim to get back to you within a week of your phone/video interview.
  • What’s involved in the assessment centre?
    The assessment centre will vary slightly depending on the role. In most cases it will consist of a number of activities including one or more interviews, a presentation, a group discussion, some written tasks, a verbal reasoning assessment and in some cases a numerical reasoning assessment.
  • Where will my assessment centre be held?
    In most cases your assessment centre will be held in the office location that you’ve applied to. Occasionally we hold the assessment centre in the London head office and your interviews are then held at another date in the office you’ve applied to, but you’ll always be given the opportunity to meet representatives from the team you’re applying to.
  • What should I do if I can’t attend the assessment centre on the scheduled day?
    As soon as you’re aware that you may not be able to attend the assessment centre, please contact our graduate recruitment team using the details listed above. Depending upon circumstances we may be able to reschedule.
  • Is there one area of the assessment centre which is weighted more heavily?
    We use all of the components of the assessment centre to assist us in forming a complete picture of you, your skills, knowledge and working style. It’s important that you perform strongly across all areas of the day.
  • How long after the assessment centre will I hear if my application has been successful?
    We aim to inform all candidates at the assessment centre of the outcome of their application within a week.
  • When do the positions commence?
    Graduates commence in early September.
    Interns commence in early July.
    Placement students commence in June.
  • What should I do if the dates of the internship do not fit in with the dates of my availability?
    Depending upon your reasons, on occasion we may be able to be slightly flexible with the dates of the internship, however this is dependant on the business needs at the time. You should notify us at the time of your application of any date conflicts.
  • I’ve been unsuccessful in my application, how do I go about obtaining some feedback?
    If you want feedback after a phone/video interview, simply contact our graduate hotline (020 7178 5092) or email and the graduate recruiter will provide you with some feedback regarding your performance and some areas where you can improve. Alternatively if you want feedback after having attended an assessment centre, we’ll provide you with your grades from the various assessments as well as some feedback from your interview(s).
  • What salary can I expect if I join Mercer?
    The salary you can expect will vary depending on the role and location you choose. We review our salaries on an annual basis to ensure they are in line with market rates.
  • When can I apply from?
    Applications for all graduate and internship opportunities will be confirmed shortly. However additional opportunities are regularly identified so please be sure to keep an eye out on our current vacancies to ensure you don’t miss out. Please monitor the careers page for further updates.
  • When do applications close?
    We have rolling closing dates for our positions. We assess all applications as we receive them and consequently urge you to complete your application as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
  • Will my application/profile be shared with Mercer’s affiliated companies (Marsh, Oliver Wyman, Guy Carpenter)?
    The Talent Acquisition teams all work closely together so on occassion we may contact you regarding roles you haven’t applied for that may be in other operating companies or may be of interest.
"There’s an extraordinary amount of intellectual capital produced at Mercer, the result is a really interesting and stimulating career environment."
Deborah Wardle
Senior Investment Management Analyst