Meet Our Graduates

Finance / Accounting – Compliance

Strong financial control and a robust compliance regime have played a vital role in supporting the development and growth of Mercer’s global business activities.

We are engaged in all aspects of financial reporting, forecasting, budgeting and strategic planning. Whether streamlining our financial activities or reducing costs, our finance and accounting professionals actively drive our performance and make sure that our financial systems and procedures are adequate to the demands of a rapidly evolving market place.

As you might expect, we also operate in some of the world’s most highly regulated industries. Our compliance professionals do more than help us maintain a well-governed business environment; they actively develop our risk management frameworks and use their expertise to identify regulatory, operational and reputational risk across the firm’s activities.

If you have the technical expertise and creative thinking skills to shape the future of our multi-faceted and increasingly international business, we can offer you a world-class platform for developing and applying your finance, accounting or compliance skills.

"The culture of working together in teams, of really being collegiate, is really what drives Mercer."
Divyesh Hindocha
Senior Investment Consultant