Meet Our Graduates


It’s not just our clients that rely on our ability to deliver compliant, cost-effective, consistent and timely administrative services.

The same skills drive our own business performance and efficiency.

At every level of Mercer, and within every business stream, you will find talented administrators engaged in streamlining processes, driving performance improvements and delivering clear service outcomes for both internal and external clients. They handle sensitive information with professionalism and integrity. They promote a smooth workflow. They help implement organisational change and contribute the effectiveness of practically every aspect of our business – from marketing and communications to research, finance and human resources. If you have the expertise and attention to detail needed to excel in our fast-paced, results-focused business, then you will enjoy a career environment of outstanding variety, interest and possibility.

"I wanted to join a company that I could see myself being at for a long time. I thought that about Mercer then, and I still think it now."
Lindsey Monteiro
Administration Assistant