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Corporate Social Responsibility

Contributing to the wellbeing, prosperity and health of the wider world is something that Mercer takes very seriously – and not just for philanthropic reasons. It makes good business sense. By acting responsibly for the long term in how we do business, we will continue to develop and grow in ways that meet the best interests of our clients, colleagues and communities.

So we don’t pay lip-service to the idea of supporting local communities. We make it happen. Take fundraising, for example. In addition to supporting a chosen charity of the year, we have a matched fund-raising scheme that allows us to match, pound for pound, the money raised for charity through the efforts of our staff (donations are made up to a limit of £300). We also encourage employees to donate to charity through a special give-as-you-earn scheme, and provide support for many of our clients’ nominated charities, too.

As an organisation, we put equal effort into encouraging our people to share their skills through volunteering. Everyone on our team has one day’s paid leave specifically for volunteering activities. We also make donations to volunteering organisations and often provide practical assistance to not-for-profit organisations. This can range from supplying a venue for a meeting to providing pro bono services or representatives on boards and committees.

Finally, we are committed to working towards a sustainable world, where today’s actions do not jeopardise those of future generations. Through our sister organisations in Marsh & McLennan Companies, for example, we assist clients in reducing and managing climate risks as well as in finding and optimising new economic opportunities in developing solutions to climate change. But we also aim to achieve sustainability in our own activities by reducing our carbon footprint through waste recycling, energy and water conservation, fair trade sourcing and much more besides.

"There is definitely a diverse range of opportunities, not only in terms of the work that we do, but beyond. For example, I am involved with the Gay and Lesbian Employee Network, the Young Professional Support Network and I have been on committees looking at the diversity in our clients."
Finn Keough
Communication Consultant